Build your business on the sea. Cash loan Mirakovski Bank Ltd.
Build your business on the sea. Cash loan Mirakovski Bank Ltd.

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7. Thus, in a market economy, banks mediate the movement money, and no other financial Institute such powers does not possess.

Line of credit is a legally binding obligation the Bank or credit institution to the borrower to provide him with within a certain period of time loans within the agreed vanny limit. In addition to the usual Bank loan, there is also indicia- vanny credit. It is extremely difficult to get a loan for commercial purposes, if the borrower "zero" balance (minimum s ' share capital or any results).

Practice shows that it is difficult semi- chit interbank loan, if the Bank-borrower's authorized capital less than 100 million rubles, or a debit balance. Under the guarantee of insurance companies loan get harder and only small amounts (no more than 50-100 thousand rubles), while being governmental requirements to the borrower, its financial position the build and quality of a commercial project. Main clients blunt were traders, merchants (hence the name "commercial the Bank"). transfer of income to Bank accounts, IP- the use of cheques, plastic cards for payments extends depen- dence of individuals from banks, making banks circulatory system market economy. Guarantee means the guarantor's obligation to pay for guaranteed a certain amount upon the occurrence of a guarantee event. Financial and commercial loans are available in the main Mr banks.

Provision of credit in the form of surety or guarantee PR- matrial the right of the Bank (creditor) the unconditional withdrawal of funds in the required size from the accounts of the guarantor or the guarantor, in the case of nepo- of cancellation within the prescribed period by the borrower of the obligations obtained- th loan. 2. The term "Central Bank" was called the largest the Bank, which is located in the heart of the banking system. the borrower transfers from your checking account to the Bank the appropriate amount of money. It provides the transformation of the capital of the lender (sob- owned or borrowed in the form of deposits) debt the capital of the borrower.

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