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Boebert says she can serve as her own “piggy bank” for campaign money

Boebert says she can serve as her own “piggy bank” for campaign money

Lauren Boebert’s Rival, Adam Frisch, Concedes Colorado House Race



Rivals Lauren Boebert and Adam Frisch

Colorado House of Representatives candidate Lauren Boebert says she can serve as her own “piggy bank” for campaign money if she runs a winning campaign as she faces Republican Adam Frisch in a race that had been expected to be close until the last few days.

“I can run a campaign in a way that is very much not the same way I have been running my life my whole life, but the one path that I have chosen because I have been lucky enough to have a great family and support of so many amazing friends and I thought it would be an incredible gift to them and also to the whole community for them to see me,” Boebert told reporters Monday after casting her ballot for her first district election on Tuesday.

Boebert was an early supporter of Rep. Mike Coffman, who endorsed her and who was ultimately defeated by Frisch by a wide margin. The congressman’s campaign had said she would be a “possible spoiler” but was disappointed by their endorsement.

A survey put the race at an even 54 percent with the Cook Political Report giving it a “Lean Republican” rating and National Journal giving it a “Likely Republican” rating. The race was expected to end up between Democratic Dan Pabon and Republicans Jason Rapert and Tom Sullivan.

Boebert, who has a degree in business administration from Colorado State University, said she did not want to run an “uneducated campaign” but needed the money to hire an assistant, get two more cars, and buy gifts for herself, her nieces and nephews.

“The money, it is kind of sad for me to even think in this election cycle that I am not running a campaign full of volunteers,” Boebert said. “If I am able to fundraise enough and make enough in the next election I’m not sure that I would be running an uneducated campaign. I want to do everything that I could to make sure that I stay in my district.”

Asked if she would support Coffman in the Republican primary again, Boebert said: “I’ll just leave that up to him to determine. At this point, I would

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