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HBO Could Pull the Plug on The Sopranos Season 1 Finale

HBO Could Pull the Plug on The Sopranos Season 1 Finale

The ‘House of the Dragon’ season finale has arrived early — and not on HBO’s terms.

According to a note on the network’s official Twitter feed, episode eight of the first season of the series, “House of the Dragon,” is expected to air at 10 PM ET on Monday, Nov. 15.

The Season 1 finale of the premium-cable channel’s series has yet to air but will at least appear in the schedule for the channel next Monday.

When that doesn’t happen, though, HBO could be forced to pull a stunt like last year when The Sopranos ended the network’s fall season prematurely on Sept. 26 rather than wait for Monday’s episode to air.

In other words, the channel could pull the plug on the season finale of The Sopranos just before it airs.

And it’s not the first time the season finale of a series was cut short.

The Season 1 finale of the HBO hit drama The Sopranos was cut short by two hours amid concerns that an episode dealing with the death of Tony Soprano’s mother — who was shot but survived — would be too sensitive for an audience that might find itself asking tough questions about the death of the character.

HBO was forced to pull the episode before its debut.

For now, we’ve got confirmation from executive producer David Chase that the episode will be aired on Monday.

And HBO’s own Twitter feed hints that the episode will deal with the death of another of the show’s characters, played by Michael Imperioli — the actor who played the character of Tony Soprano’s father, Angelo, on the show.

“On the House of the Dragon 8 we bring to a close the life of another member of our cast,” the note reads. “The death of #michaelimpierce’s #donnaalmonte. RIP.”

When the show returns, it’s going to be a big blow

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