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High Pressure System Continues to Move East from Arizona through Southern California and into the Northwest

High Pressure System Continues to Move East from Arizona through Southern California and into the Northwest

Scattered storms, lightning hit Southern California and prompt beach closures, wind advisories

A strong high-pressure system continues to move east from Arizona through Southern California and into the Northwest on Sunday, bringing an unstable, but potentially wet and windy environment across the area. The system is forecast to track through Santa Barbara County with the highest chance of rain at 12-20 percent today-Saturday through early Monday morning.

However, the region could see a 30-plus percent chance for rain later today, with only slight chance for thunderstorms. The wet weather should remain to the north and west of the area during the early part of the day, with the chance of showers and thunderstorms to the south, toward the area.

Meanwhile, a very unstable air mass is continuing to move into northern California, bringing the potential of scattered showers and potentially thunderstorms to the entire North Coast. The system could be a few ticks stronger this morning than in the morning, with the potential for a few twisters. However, those storms are likely to produce a bit of a breeze and a slight increase in wind shear, so conditions should remain favorable.

High pressure is also present, but is not as deep as in the morning. The high pressure system is centered in the I-5 corridor, just off the coast, and also brings the potential for showers along the coast and into northern California. Showers are also expected in the coastal low desert but remain very scattered.

Another storm system continues to move into the Bay Area on Sunday, bringing heavy rains that could possibly produce a few thunderstorms and a slight chance for rainfall later in the day.

The system starts off moving through the Northern California Mountains and into the Southern California and Greater Los Angeles area through the morning and afternoon hours, producing a slight chance of showers and perhaps a little of a breeze this afternoon, with strong to severe gusts with gusts of 60-80 mph in the air. It also brings strong wind gusts to the Coast and low desert areas.

As the system moves closer to the area later in the day, it may start to become more severe with the potential for strong winds, a slight chance for showers, and gusty, but possibly scattered thunderstorms.

The system begins to move into the Pacific Northwest with a slight chance for showers and thunderstorms tonight

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