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Leslie Jordan of “Parenthood” to appear on “Dancing With the Stars”

Leslie Jordan of "Parenthood" to appear on "Dancing With the Stars"

‘Masked Singer’ dedicates Leslie Jordan’s final episode to the frequent guest star

The finale of “Dancing With the Stars” on Tuesday night is the final one of the season for “The Masked Singer,” a hit ABC reality competition with a $600,000 prize.

The night of the show’s finale, Monday Oct. 7, is dedicated to Leslie Jordan of “Parenthood.” The series finale, which airs on ABC at 10 p.m. ET/PT, will feature Jordan, who joins the cast as a regular in the show. Here, Jordan talks with Katie Couric about the show’s final performance.

In just three episodes, “The Masked Singer” has become a hit with an estimated audience of more than 1 million viewers. And Jordan’s return to “Parenthood” will be his final regular role on television as he prepares to be a father for his first child. Here, Jordan details his reasons for including his “Parenthood” castmate in the “Dancing With the Stars” finale.

Katie Couric: This was a very difficult decision. We’ve all wanted you to be on “Dancing With the Stars” since you were a little kid. But it really hit me last night as I watched the finale — your final performance and I couldn’t imagine why you wanted to appear. What was going through your mind when you agreed to do it?

Leslie Jordan: (Laughs) I’m so happy to be on “Dancing With the Stars.” I don’t know that I can recall the last time I had so much fun dancing with you. It would have been nice to have had time in my career that I haven’t had. But I guess you can’t complain about making time for yourself. (Laughs)

K: I can’t imagine not being able to do something like that. So, you finally got to. What do you think?

LJ: I think all of you are beautiful. I just think they’re great dancers and I’m so thrilled that you all are on

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