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Marc Maron and Gallagher: Why they should be friends

Marc Maron and Gallagher: Why they should be friends

Even though Gallagher stormed out, Marc Maron ‘kind of’ loves that infamous interview

Marc Maron is an accomplished stand-up comedian, and the host of a podcast that has been gaining in popularity for the past four years. But when it comes to his stand-up persona, he could be characterized as a muckraker. As recently as 2014, he was critical of an audience member who heckled a comedian and then tried to start a brawl at The Comedy Cellar, a club in Los Angeles. (Read more about the event in 2014.) In 2014, he also tweeted out, “It’s time to get a fucking job!”

So when Gallagher asked him to appear on his podcast, it seemed like a perfect fit. Now, it’s taken nearly a year for Gallagher to get back in touch with Maron, who has done everything from appearing in Maron’s stand-up routine to hosting his Netflix show. But, just to be clear, Marc and Marc were never friends.

We spoke to a lot of people that knew Marc and talked about his stand-up persona, his podcast and why they thought Maron should take Gallagher’s side in the Gallagher/Maroonne feud.

Here are their answers, edited for clarity and length.

Is this a feud between fans of the show or of two comedians?

We’re fans of each other’s work. I actually didn’t know Maroonne in our earliest years. I was, like, a very big Maroonne fan. And, for three or four years, when I was doing a lot of comedy in Boston, we were texting each other. We even hung out on YouTube, but I didn’t really know him. He got into my show [The Regretful Traveler], which is a comedy show I do that’s based in Boston. And then I saw him in New York and I thought, Oh, that’s not a bad kid. And, at the time, I thought he was actually pretty funny. I didn’t know he was such a terrible person. And then, when we started a podcast and when I did my stand-up sets for a second time, I did them with Maroonne, and he was great.

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