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Nick Reynolds, ‘N Sync’s former ‘N Sync member, reveals he never thought he was the next big thing

Nick Reynolds, 'N Sync's former 'N Sync member, reveals he never thought he was the next big thing

Ryan Reynolds just took another jab at Nick Cannon, who’s now expecting baby No. 11.

In an interview with radio station Power 105, the former ‘N Sync member opened up about how Nick isn’t as evolved as some think he is, saying, “When I was growing up, he was a good kid, but there was something about him that was not right. He was just not a good person. He looked like he was always high, and he would come up with wack ideas, bad ideas, and he would do stuff and he would always think that he was the next big thing.”

He continued on, “I had friends who had his picture on the wall, and it was all about him. I loved him like a brother, but he did not love himself.”

According to Reynolds, who is married to Tameka Foster, Nick was never the type of man he thought he could be.

“He did not know what he wanted to be.”

Nick was so desperate for success that he gave out his phone number to everyone he knew to get a record deal after a radio station manager told him Nick made up his own rules.

“If you didn’t know, you called him,” Reynolds said.

Nick’s parents even tried coming up with a plan after he left the house for years. They even offered Nick $150,000 to live his dream, but he turned them down, saying, “I’m not gonna beg for money.”

In his interview on the Power 105 show, Nick said he realized he was still in his “childhood” when he realized he still had a son.

He said, “I still have you, you know, you know what I’m saying…my daughter, she was the best daughter. I just thought she should keep my company…I kept in touch with her, and I just started to try to find her a man.

“I thought I’d have a little better chance of having a relationship if I could actually meet someone where I

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