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Roger Federer Sr. Joins American Cancer Society to Help Support His Dad

Roger Federer Sr. Joins American Cancer Society to Help Support His Dad

See Roger Federer share tears and laughter with CNN as he speaks about his father Roger Federer Sr.’s illness Roger Federer. (AP Photo/Peter Pereira, File)

ROGER Federer, whose father is struggling with liver cancer, joined the American Cancer Society to help raise awareness for the disease on Saturday (Sept. 25) during the French Open tennis tournament in Paris.

In a video message released by the charity, Federer spoke about how he always wanted to give back to his community and how his father had been his inspiration.

“For me, it was more a question of doing something good, and having fun at the same time because I also have a father who has cancer,” he said. “He was a tough, tough man, but he also is a great person, and that is something that I look up to and hope one day I could achieve.”

“I am sorry to think I am not the first one to have seen a father passing away,” he said. “My father has passed away. He passed away three days before he turned 60. He was a proud man and a strong man, and he was very sad.”

“It’s a lot to deal with,” Federer added. “He has fought very hard to survive, he had good support from family and friends.”

Roger Federer Sr. started suffering from liver cancer in May. Since then, he’s undergone several operations and received treatment in the University of Miami.

The family announced Roger Federer Sr. has been in the hospital for more than a month and that his condition is grave.

“His condition is grave and he is having a difficult time coping with the situation,” the family said on their website.

“He was asked if he was going to retire, he said he couldn’t and he is now preparing for his last battle

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