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The History of St. Lucia

The History of St. Lucia

Diving Into the Local Culture on the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia

St. Lucia is an island in the Lesser Antilles in the western Caribbean that has been a popular destination for international travelers for many years. When I was in the Virgin Islands I spent two weeks exploring St. Lucia and the nearby area. While I enjoyed a few days in St. Lucia visiting to a few of the beaches, I spent more time in the capital of Castries enjoying small scale local culture. The people there are friendly, welcoming and friendly of strangers.

St. Lucia is an island with a rich history that is rich in culture and rich in history. The French began settling in St. Lucia in the 1700’s. The Spanish later followed. With their arrival came a few other European countries, notably Germany, Italy, and Belgium. The United States also has a large presence here, with over 300 military bases scattered across the island. This has not stopped the island from becoming a popular vacation destination for Americans.

St. Lucia is a volcanic island located in the southern Caribbean. It has a long history of volcanic activity, dating back to at least 2000 B.C. In 1983, a series of earthquakes, quakes and eruptions on the island led to the destruction of four major cities. There was a devastating eruption that led to a major increase of forest fires and destruction of several cities. The island was devastated, with many areas burned down and many people killed. With this disaster, the government of the St. Lucian government decided to rebuild with new buildings, using modern materials and building with modern technologies, in much the same way that many other cities across the world have rebuilt.

St. Lucia is an active volcano, known as the Hispaniola, that has had explosive eruptions approximately once every 1,000 years since 1835. With an average of 10,500 people living on the island, the major cities do not have enough residents to maintain their current infrastructure and facilities. The entire island is in a major flood zone, and was hit by a major hurricane in 2004.

Many people enjoy traveling to St. Lucia because it offers them the opportunity to see the island in a different way and travel the island by car, bus, or by plane. There are many wonderful beaches

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