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The Real Internet Podcast: The Real Internet

The Real Internet Podcast: The Real Internet

Listen on the go: Four Days investigation, narrated by Kevin Donovan


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It turns out that the biggest difference in perception between the “real” and “fake” Internet is not whether you have to click through a link or scan a QR code to get somewhere. The “real” Internet is also incredibly safe—or so the thinking goes.

That’s the gist of this episode of Four Days, which is a one-hour special that will investigate whether the real Internet is not, in fact, the safest place in the world. We asked Kevin Donovan, co-director of The Next Web, if this isn’t the most important episode he has ever made.

“It’s pretty special to sit in the same room with someone who is really smart and who actually has spent a lot of their life looking at this stuff and thinking about this stuff to come to the conclusion that the Internet is one of the scariest things you could ever encounter,” he said.

The Real Internet

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You’re the best. I love this show, and it’s a great place to start my day. And thank you, John, for the podcast version, too. And you’re amazing! I love it!

One other quick question: I’m listening to the podcasts when I’m driving. It’s really helpful if I can listen while driving to be able to catch some things that I miss in the podcast. Is it possible to add that capability to the podcasts?

I love “The Real Internet” podcasts. They’re excellent. As a teacher, this program

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