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The U.S. and Canada Should Stop Coal

The U.S. and Canada Should Stop Coal

Letters to the Editor: You pray to God about climate change. That’s no excuse for inaction.

I have a suggestion to those who would like to see the U.S. and Canada put an end to coal. Have them turn the fossil fuels off at night. Put a moratorium on coal-based energy generation in your jurisdictions. It would save lives and clean our air.

To our Canadian friends, we would like to remind you how the fossil fuel age began — more than 400 years ago. The first recorded use of coal to produce energy was by the Greeks.

The Romans used coal for heating their homes and buildings. In the 18th century, George Stephenson revolutionized steam technology, using coal as his fuel for his locomotives.

For almost a century, coal was the energy source for most of Europe, leading to millions of deaths.

Coal is not a renewable and inexhaustible resource. It is not a sustainable one, either.

What is more, if you reduce the fossil resource, the world will be more vulnerable to other destructive forces, one of which is climate change.

To reduce your carbon footprint and cut your environmental impact, start now. Start now. Don’t wait until tomorrow.

Morteza Eshghi is a former professor at the Department of Electrical, Electronic, & Nuclear Engineering at the University of Waterloo.

Peter Hager is president of the Natural Resources Defense Council

The NRC is a federal agency that regulates the safety of nuclear energy from the generation of nuclear-generated electricity to any nuclear power plant operating, under construction, or proposed for operation.

The NRC is also responsible for nuclear radiation safety, safety monitoring programs, and radiation licensing.

Nuclear power plants are designed to be safe and have to be. If you have concerns about nuclear safety, you can file an incident report with the NRC. This report will be used to help protect public health and the environment.

The NRC does not regulate the nuclear fuel, only the radiation

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