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Council Member Jim Karygiannis Calls on Mayor John Tory to Approve Electric Vehicle Rebate

Electric vehicle rebate among staff proposals to speed up Toronto’s target to become a carbon neutral city

TORONTO, October 25, 2019 – Council Member Jim Karygiannis is calling on Mayor John Tory to approve the introduction of an electric vehicle rebate as part of the city’s target to become a carbon neutral city.

“By offering an electric vehicle rebate, the city would be investing in a sustainable transportation option that would save the city a great deal of money and help reduce emissions in key sectors where the city has significant economic activity from transportation, tourism, and food production,” Karygiannis said. “I ask that the mayor move forward on this with my support.”

This is an issue that has been on Council’s agenda since shortly after the election, when an item was introduced, then withdrawn from a presentation to Council. In its place, Council is considering a strategy to establish a formal carbon neutral strategy, as part of the Mayor’s Climate Action Plan.

“When you start to put money behind transportation options that are very expensive and also very polluting – things like gas-powered vehicles – the cost falls significantly,” said Karygiannis. “If you add that cost back into the system of the transportation of people, it’s very hard to do anything about climate change without that cost being added in.”

The City of Toronto is currently pursuing a rebate-based carbon neutral strategy, with a target to reach 80 per cent by 2030. The city has also explored the possibility of an annual payment to individuals willing to purchase electric vehicles.

The rebate would be the first step in establishing a sustainable transportation strategy that would be effective and cost effective.

“We would be providing an incentive for people to use electric vehicles,” said Karygiannis. “This is a way for us as a city to have the opportunity to

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