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Sandra Cisneros, 41, stars in “I Love You, Man”

Sandra Cisneros, 41, stars in "I Love You, Man"

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Sandra Cisneros is one of the nation’s most successful actresses, and she’s a big dog on Facebook. But that doesn’t mean she was happy for the BBQ.

“I’m a meat-lover,” she told CNBC’s “Takeway.” “I love grilling. And I was shocked to find out that there are BBQ joint in downtown Los Angeles that have been in business since they were kids. And I was shocked to find out that there are places in Texas, like New Braunfels and Abilene, not in the central part of Texas, that have been in business since they were kids.”

Cisneros, who stars in “I Love You, Man,” was speaking when she took the stage at the 2017 L.A. International Awards — hosted by L.A. Gov. Gavin Newsom, actress Jennifer Lopez and comedian Ricky Gervais — where she received the “Best in Theater” award for her performance in “The Dinner Party’s Over.”

“It was a big shock to me that barbecue is still alive in Texas, and you’re seeing it because of my name [Sandra Cisneros] on this list,” she said at the event in Los Angeles.

Cisneros, 41, previously starred in the 2016 movie “I, Tonya,” which tells the story of an aspiring actress turned boxing promoter who becomes the first woman to get to the lineal heavyweight title fight between champion Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko.

The movie, according to Cisneros, was inspired by a conversation she had with Tonya’s mother, who was a fan of her daughter’s efforts in the ring. The younger Cisneros, who was 16 when the movie was made, said she had no idea the young Tonya Cisneros would eventually become a world boxing champion.

“That’s all I know, my entire life is a work of fiction,” she told CNBC, when asked about the movie’s inspiration. “It never really happened. But it kind of has me believing in what I feel like. And as you grow, you learn what you can and

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