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The 10th Anniversary of My Last Serious Relationship

The 10th Anniversary of My Last Serious Relationship

The Art of Dividing Up a Marriage

This year marks the tenth anniversary of my last serious relationship. It’s a milestone one that is important because there’s a certain point after you’ve been married that you have to make a decision on when your next relationship will happen.

The last time I made such a final commitment to a relationship was twenty-three years ago. The only problem was that at that point, I had just met the man I would one day marry, and I didn’t even know him yet. I was completely in love with him though, so how could I say no to something that was completely full of blissful promise?

After all, I had a young husband who was growing me on my back and feeding me ice cream in bed and who would later become the father of my children. I had just made a home, and I was about to start a life with someone who, at the time, had only been to my door twice – once in his own car and once in his house, which I think is the most amazing thing in the world.

I was totally in love with him.

The first day of high school, I had a crush on the class president with long hair. I was in love with the one who lived on my floor. I was totally smitten by the two boys who sat next to me in the classroom. I was totally smitten by the boy in my fifth grade English class. He was sweet, polite, and the only boy to ever ask me out at the end of the year. He wasn’t the most popular guy in my class, but when he asked me to the prom and asked me to come to his house that weekend, I just couldn’t say something that would have made me feel bad about myself.

He was the first guy who ever treated me in a way that made me think I was worth it.

The next guy to treat me the same way was my husband. He didn’t start out to be the most popular guy in the class,

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