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The History of Castle Duhallow

The History of Castle Duhallow

An Irish Castle to Call Your Own

The Irish story of Castle Duhallow is a romanticized version of historical fact. The tale has two parts to it: Castle Duhallow and the Battle of Duhallow. This castle stood on the east bank of County Clare between the towns of Limerick and Mallow.

Taken in by the English in the early 1600’s, Castle Duhallow continued to grow along with the English. In 1652 it became a Royal Lighthouse, and was the site of the first military engagement of John O’Brien’s Cork and Waterford campaign, where the Cork Irish Army were defeated.

In 1653 the Royalist Irish Army under James Butler, Lord Mountjoy were involved in the Battle of Duhallow, which saw the end of the Irish Confederacy. James Butler’s victory in the battle led to the English leaving the country, and Duhallow became the property of the English government.

Eventually, the castle was purchased by Colonel Edward Butler and his wife Elizabeth, who had been granted the title Baroness of Duhallow in 1688 in commemoration of the Battle of Duhallow. When she died, the title passed to her sons. The Butler’s made Ireland what it is today, creating a massive estate of more than 70,000 acres in the South of Ireland. There was a great deal of speculation about her and her wealth, when it was found that her coat of arms had actually been taken to another location in Ireland.

It is difficult to say who the original castle owner was, but historians have concluded that the “original Irish Lord of Castle Duhallow” was Henry Butler, the son of the English baron and former Lord of Castle Duhallow. His descendant, Henry Butler, who married Elizabeth, Baroness of Duhallow is the second Lord of Castle Duhallow.

While the history of Castle Duhallow is quite interesting, its actual location is a bit more of a mystery. The original castle would have been built at the beginning of the 17th century, and the present castle is built on the site of the former.

If you decide to travel to Duhallow and take a tour of the castle, you will come to the great hall where the Butler’s entertained.

The Castle itself, which the Irish call it

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