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Women Are Warriors

Women Are Warriors

An action spectacle built around true story of female warriors, their fight for the right to vote and their struggle for equal pay.

“A woman with no teeth?”

You don’t need to look at my mouth. You’ve seen me up close, right? And you know I can’t talk about it. And you think I do it just to get attention.

I’m not. I’ve never put on a show for attention.

I’ve only ever put on shows for the people who need to see them, because I’m a fighter, an actress, a performer.

But we can be more than that. This week, we have the chance to be more than that, together. We’re here to change the narrative – because we want a fairer, more equitable world. And more than that, we want an education for our daughters, and a future for our sons that is theirs as well.

Women, by nature, are born warriors. They fight for what they believe in. That’s how we were conceived, and it’s a trait not often seen in women.

One of the greatest warriors in the world is a woman. She is a living legend, and she holds the Guinness record for holding her own against all comers. On the night I was supposed to start shooting the pilot in series two of Vikings, she had to pull me aside and tell me to stop filming me. I was the only person she wanted to share her own personal story with – but she knew that only she could share it, with the world.

You see, it all started 30 years ago in my home town, when I was just 16 years old. I’d just moved out of my parents’ house, was running away from my mother, and I was terrified of getting arrested for prostitution. I was terrified because I knew the consequences would be dire. That night, I went into the street after a night off and met my first client.

I didn’t earn a penny – I didn’t have a single penny to my name – but I was told to expect the worst – and I did.

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